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Group Vision - Frame Work


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Looking Forward to being

Brave in a New World

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Post RV WBG is about to embark on a journey of fixing our world problems as we see fit with only one rule in mind. DO NO HARM! We as a group of benevolent humanitarians will be redefining how this planet, people, animals and mother earth is treated! Anything that is broken we will either fix it, if it is worth fixing... if not…. tear it down and start again with something better!

Remember that as a group on this journey, we all signed up to be here at this time! That is why you found your way here with other like-minded people. This group is your new tribe and family! Our job is to fix humanity once and for all, so no one will have to do this again. The process of fixing our world will not be an easy task but we are all here and ready to give all that is required. And together with this group or unity we will help to raise the vibration of those we meet collectively and individually.

Also remember, what we are about to create here has never been done before so we are the creators of our new vision of 5D reality! We will ALL have a say as to what needs to be done: who, what, where, why, when and how. Remember we will be moving from a head-EGO, money, fear, controlled lack and separation based 3D system to a 5D creative heart, love, freedom, moneyless abundance, unity, & oneness for all system!

Not everyone is going to stay with WBG after the RV. Those who don’t will move on to help another group or do their own personal thing. We will wish anyone who leaves us the greatest success where ever their journey takes them!

If you decide to stay with WBG, think of WBG as the glue that keeps everyone and everything in the group organized and working smoothly so you don’t have to worry. You will only have to concentrate on the interaction between WBG, your projects and how your projects relate to other member projects and the workers, as well as, the public. We will be working together as a non-profit group that looks something like a consortium, franchise or world conglomerate of some sort but with good intentions for the world! At the same time allowing all projects to grow and expand as needed with problems to a minimum. Part of WBG’s infrastructure will include a closed (VPN) Virtual Private Network. It will be like a bunch of networked computers connected so everyone can communicate with one another. Included will be the software and hardware needed for everyone to communicate effectively and do their computer work in each of the companies around the world effectively.

Think of WBG, all Benefactors, all Workers, as well as, Luna and Geo being all on the same level playing field. Luna and Geo will be working alongside each of you as we have business projects of our own. We are all equal contributors to unity consciousness of this group! We will all be working individually to grow our projects, but at the same time working together globally as one!

We are all going to learn to work from our hearts and put the head and EGO aside! Most of the true humanitarians (service to other individuals) already work from their hearts. They know how to do this instinctively. Others will need some help in this area. The few who are pure (service to self individuals) will struggle with this concept! Everything we do will be done from the higher perspective of “DO NO HARM” and with the highest and good intention for all! In 5D we are all striving for the goal of total benevolence, bliss and abundance for everyone on the planet! An even playing field for everyone! The ultimate goal of total WBG self sufficiency in all projects!

We will also be using World Benevolence Group to facilitate and guide the group from 3D drama into 5D unity consciousness and total benevolence and abundance for everyone on our planet! We will ultimately be removing money from the planet! It is our personal mission in this life to remove money from this planet in all forms and WBG will be the vehicle to do this. It is WBG’s and our intent to help transition the way people think about money! We hope everyone will eventually have the same mind-set and vision as well and join us post RV/GCR Nesara/Gesara. We will change our new world into something better one project at a time!


WBG’s Philosophy

WBG’s Philosophy is simple in concept but our human past has taught some of us to be “service to self” and “not service to others”. As we migrate from 3D to 5D, these “service to self” individuals will be learning to help everyone all over the world by working from their hearts instead of their 3D head and EGO. They will be learning how to give of themselves, instead of giving to themselves! All of us “service to others individuals’ will be holding the light for them while holding each and every one of their hands we as a human race all grow together in unity consciousness!

In the WBG’s plan, everyone will be helping and supporting everyone in our group and we will all grow together as one! So don’t worry about the small stuff on how things will progress? Trust the process that the universe will provide exactly what is needed when you require it!  The simple reason is that you are the Creator and you are just doing what you already know.

Trusting in this process is KEY to unity consciousness! If someone in our group has a problem there will be someone in our group who will have the expertise to push the project forward. If they don’t, they will probably know someone who does. If not, we will develop a new way in our new 5D world! That new way will be provided for us by the universe when we allow for the best possible outcome! We have a lot of very talented people in our group who have never had the chance to express their talents. Here in WBG we will embellish everyone’s talents to the fullest! We all must trust the process of the universe providing what we require when we need it!

As we transition into our new 5D world, some of the existing corporations and companies that we have today, coupled with all the old laws will not be required due to common law coming into effect post NESARA/GESARA. An example of this would be the Accounting firms likely will not be needed since the CRA/IRS are no longer. The concept of accounting will change drastically! The model will probably look something like a liaison between the Government, QFS, Banks, companies and you.


The Benefactor Plan

The Benefactor plan or purpose is to fund as many projects as wanted by the Individual Benefactor. It doesn’t matter if the Benefactor has projects of their own or not? They can choose to fund (free money) any of the following types of projects: WBG Infrastructure Projects, Governmental Infrastructure projects, Business projects, Public Projects or Personal Projects. Benefactors can choose to start a company from scratch, share the purchase with a Benefactor partner(s) or to buy it outright. Perhaps the benefactor doesn’t require a certain business but does need a product or service. In this case, they may choose to just rent, lease or borrow whatever they need for the time being to get the job done. Some Benefactors who don’t currently have any projects in mind as of yet, may choose to donate funding to some of the WBG infrastructure company projects. They may choose to buy several infrastructure companies within WBG or they may choose to put their funds into the WBG fund pool where the money will be divvied out whenever required to finish our projects all over in the world.

Member Benefactors will not be doing all of the physical work in these companies. If you do choose to do some work it is because you love doing it, not because you have to? You will be the conductor of the orchestra facilitating the direction and how your company or ideas are run! It is your dream on how you want things to run because you are working from your 5D heart and not from your old 3D head and EGO. (There is a difference whether everyone is aware of it or not?). You as a WBG member will be sovereign onto yourself, as well as, companies that you own and operate. You as a WBG member will have total control of all of your monies. You as a WBG member will only have to be concerned, as far in making sure while part WBG we “DO NO HARM” to anyone or anything concept is maintained! In other words, don’t hurt, harm or hinder anything or anyone.


Concept Moving Forward:

The concept put forth, is just that…..a concept as it has never been done before! The structure presented in the following pages is NOT rock solid! This concept is just a rough template that will evolve over time into something better, more concrete as the group starts working together.

In the meantime, we have some guidelines to follow because we are group members of WBG. This template is just an example of how WBG will interact with all its members and each other. This is just like a test how everyone can work together. There will be lots of growing pains and we all won’t agree all the time with each other. All we have to do is remember what our ultimate goal…which is DO NO HARM to anyone or anything and have the highest and best intention for all! Fair for everyone!!!!!

If some of our guidelines don’t work, then we will revisit them as a group and decide what the better options or solutions are? Everything is negotiable/ changeable. If it doesn’t work, then we will redesign it and do something better. Keeping in mind the ultimate course of action will have the highest and good intention for all!


WBG Phase 1

WBG Phase 1 was about creating and introducing a new concept that has never been done before! Phase 1 was also about growing our group of like-minded family tribe members! Coupled with our bi-weekly zoom meetings designed to help the group to get to know one another and get use to each other’s personalities. Now we have a strong core of heart centred humanitarians who are all in the right place as we move from 3D to 5D. There will be all sorts of growing pains for many reasons as we move into 5D.


WBG Phase 2

WBG is now moving into Phase 2 consisting of a type structure similar to that of a hierarchy. Think of WBG as the glue that keeps everyone and everything in the group organized and working smoothly.


Illustration #1

Phase 2 will begin with the following 4 sub groups that make up WBG’s hierarchy: WBG, Member Benefactor, Member workers and Mixed. (See illustration #1 above)

WBG Hierarchy

  1. WBG
  2. Member Benefactors
  3. Member Workers
  4. Mixed
  1. WBG: A group of like-minded individuals, with big hearts from all walks of life from around the world who are all part of our tribe-family. WBG’s tribe-family of like-minded individuals, are a mix of benefactors and workers who both may or may not have projects.


The first 4 are WBG’s portion of the Frame Work.

  1. WBG Group Operations (Offices)
  2. WBG Infrastructure Projects
  3. WBG Public (outside of WBG)

1.4. WBG Rewards Program

  1. Member Benefactors: A general definition: One that gives aid, especially financial aid/funding. Not all Benefactors will have projects. The Benefactors that have NO projects just want to help wherever their hearts leads them. A Member Benefactor that doesn’t have a project right now may choose to have one later. Member Benefactors WITH projects can fund infrastructure projects, help fund another Member’s Benefactor project or one of WBG infrastructure projects or fund their own personal projects etc.  All  funding sources will come via the wealth manager available Post RV/ GCR Nesara/ Gesara! Benefactor Personal projects may not be funded by the wealth manager? They might rather be funded personally by the benefactor themselves if the Benefactor is financially structured that way.


There are 4 sub categories, part of Member Benefactors Frame Work below:

  1. Member Benefactor Infrastructure Projects
  2. Member Benefactor WBG infrastructure projects
  3. Member Benefactor Private/Public Business Projects
  4. Member Benefactor Personal Projects


  1. Member Workers: Member workers are NOT currency or bond holders. There are two types of Member Workers. There are Member Workers with no project and Member workers with projects. Some workers joined WBG to just get a job they can enjoy in a specific area and work from the heart. While other Workers also want to have a job but they also have a wonderful project or idea that is dear to their hearts that they hope that one day they can finish and be proud of! Unfortunately they lack the financial resources to fulfill their dreams! That’s where WBG comes in!


There are 2 sub categories, part of Member Workers Frame Work below:

  1. Member workers with a project
  2. Member workers with no project


  1. Mixed:  Is a term used to describe projects getting funding from many different sources: This is done through the wealth manager. An example would be like a mega project, like building a new super highway coast to coast. There would be a mix of different external Benefactors like Federal, Provincial or State funding.  As well as private or business group funding? All sources contributing different amounts of money to the same project.  If a Benefactor chooses to fund this type of project, the
    wealth manager would fund these projects via your authorization! Chances are you the benefactor of these mega projects would not oversee  the project at all because of lack of expertise, but would instead get some kind of progress report because they would be a share holder of some sort!

There are 2 sub categories, part of the Mixed Frame Work below:

  1. Mixed funding:
  2. WBG Infrastructure Funding Pool

Frame Work

Frame-Work (12 sub categories in Dark Pink in illustration #2 below)

The next group below WBG hierarchy is the Frame-Work of WBG consisting of 12sub categories. The Frame-Work is the structure of how WBG will operate and communicate with benefactors, workers, companies and within WBG itself (See Illustration #2 below)!

There are a total of 12 sub categories of WBG’s lower Hierarchy called Frame Work.

Illustration #2

5. Frame Work

1.  WBG - Frame-Work
   5.1.1 WBG Group Operations (Offices)
   5.1.2  WBG Infrastructure Projects
   5.1.3  WBG Public (outside of WBG)
   5.1.4  WBG Rewards Program

2. Member Benefactor - Frame-Work
   5.2.1  Member Benefactor Infrastructure Projects
   5.2.2  Member Benefactor WBG Infrastructure Projects
   5.2.3  Member Benefactor Private/Public Business Projects
   5.2.4  Member Benefactor Personal Projects

3. Member Workers - Frame-Work
   5.3.1  Member Workers with a Project
   5.3.2  Member Workers (no Project)

4. Mixed - Frame-Work
   5.4.1  Mixed funding for larger infrastructure projects lists:
   5.4.2  WBG Rewards Program

                                                       Illustration #3


5.1. WBG-Frame Work


Illustration #4


Within WBG Frame-Work structure there are 4 main categories in gray in illustration #4 above.

      5.1.1  WBG Group Operations (Offices)
      5.1.2  WBG Infrastructure Projects
      5.1.3  WBG Public (outside of WBG)
      5.1.4. WBG Rewards Program

5.1. 1 WBG - Group Operations (Offices): This would be comparable to a head office. All the things necessary to keep WBG financially and logically responsible for the day to day operations as a group! WBG would provide the electronic computer and information connectivity, and communications as well as, the glue (communications) that keeps the WBG frame work together as a group. Products and services will be purchased within WBG unless not available. There will be multiple WBG Offices around the world. WBG – Group Operations would give as much assistance to the benefactor or worker as required by them!

There are 8 sub categories, part of Group Operations Frame Work below: WBG Group Administration WBG Group Internal Communications WBG Group Human Resources WBG Group Procurement WBG Group Sales and Marketing WBG Group Technical Centre WBG Group Help Desk WBG Group Shipping and Receiving

 5.1.2 WBG - Infrastructure: is the process of all the WBG benefactors (bond and currency holders) setting up the framework for the 25+ companies posted below that WBG needs to get started as a group to begin to be functionally as a group. WBG is currently over 1000 members scattered all around the world. We are a global organization that has the capacity to reach into every country while creating projects that will fix our planet, animals and people,  at the same time giving people a fulfilling job and fulfilling the dreams of the many projects/visions of the WBG members!


There are 3 sub categories, part of WBG Infrastructure Frame Work below: WBG Infrastructure WBG Companies WBG Infrastructure VPN Internal Network WBG Infrastructure WBG Member Liaison

25+ WBG Infrastructure Companies Projects that WBG would need to get started worldwide. There will be more unknown companies required after we get started not mentioned in the list below. (See Illustration #5 below)

3D Printing shop                                                                      3D Virtual Reality Holographic Schools

Accounting Office                                                                    Architect Firm

Child, Vets & Homeless Agency                                             Computers Company

Computers Programmers                                                       Construction Company/ Renovations

Electronics Manufacturer                                                      Farming Verticle-System

Financial Funding Division                                                     Fixture/parts/product-Warehouse

Human Resources/Hiring Agency                                       Hemp Store

Law office                                                                                  Manufacturing      

Media Production Company                                                  Natural Health Products

Natural Healthcare Facilities                                                 New and E-T Technologies

Printer company                                                                      Store/Business Fixture company

Real Estate Office                                                                     Re-Training School

Research & Development                                                       Restaurants – Various Organic Types

Security Office                                                                          Sales & Marketing

Stores-Organic                                                                          Software Technology

Trucking/Shipping                                                                    Telecommunications Technology                                                          

Travel Agency                                                                           Warehouse

Wholesale Products/Services                                                 WBG Head Offices                                                                                                  Wellness Centres

                                                                              Illustration #5


5.1.3 WBG - Public (outside of WBG infrastructure): From time to time WBG will have to communicate or do business with the public. This may come in the form of buying a product or service that WBG doesn’t currently provide internally. This would be more prevalent in the beginning then later over time. It could also be WBG is selling a product or service that is required by the public but is currently outside of WBG.

There are 4 sub categories, part of WBG Public Outside WBG Frame Work below: WBG Public Outside WBG Sales Out Going WBG Public Outside WBG Sales In Coming WBG Public Outside WBG Member incoming WBG Public Outside WBG Member Leaving

5.1.4. WBG Rewards Program is basically an incentive program designed to help motivate and bring out the best in everyone to create a fun, good work ethic, speed, quality, ideas, creativity, production, company savings etc. The idea is to get everyone in your organization to work as a team, in unison as one (part of unity consciousness). There will be individual member, office, single company and organizational goal and leader programs. There will also be WBG Yearly organizational Awards probably judged by peers!

When goals are attained there will be points allocated and accumulated. Later the individual can exchange the points for great products, services, prizes, trips and bonuses! This incentive program will NOT involve or look anything like a typical MLM pyramid scheme that is 3D driven only to grease the hands of the people at the top of the MLM pyramid scheme!

There are 2 sub categories, part of WBG Rewards program Frame Work: WBG Rewards Points Program WBG Reward Products

2. Member Benefactors-Frame Work


Illustration #6

2. Member Benefactor

You as a Member Benefactor have total control over who, what, where why and when you will spend your funds. The Benefactor will have 4 types of funding: Infrastructure Projects, WBG Infrastructure Projects, Private/Public Business Projects and Personal Projects. How the monies are derived and spent on each of these projects is slightly different! (See illustration #6 above)


There are 4 sub categories, part of Member Benefactors Frame Work below:

2.1     Member Benefactor Infrastructure Projects
2.2     WBG Member Benefactor Infrastructure Projects
2.3     Member Benefactor Personal Projects
2.4     Member Benefactor Private/Public Business Projects (Outside WBG)


2.1 Member Benefactor-Infrastructure Projects

 All infrastructure projects will be funded through your businesses by your wealth manager with your approval. There are 4 basic areas where Infrastructure projects funding ideas originate: Governmental, Wealth Manager, International, WBG Infrastructure. Each of the infrastructure funding ideas, originate from different areas. Each source of funding will also be is slightly different in how the monies are spent! (See illustration #6 above)


There are 4 sub categories, part of Member Benefactors Infrastructure Projects below:

      2.1.1 Governmental Projects (federal/ State/ province)
      2.1.2 Wealth Manager Projects
      2.1.3 International projects
      2.1.4 WBG Infrastructure Projects


2.2  WBG Infrastructure Projects

All WBG infrastructure projects will be funded through your wealth manager with your approval. WBG has multiple internal Infrastructure projects or companies around the world that need to be completed before WBG can start up for business. (See illustration #5 above for a list of multiple 25+ companies needed around the world)


There are 2 sub categories, part of WBG Infrastructure Projects below:

2.2.2 WBG Infrastructure Projects
2.2.3 WBG Business/Public Projects


2.3 Member Benefactor - Private or Public Business Projects

Member Benefactor - Private or Public Business Projects: There are two types private and public source of funding. The source of the projects to be funded, and the size of the projects are the difference in the types of projects listed below.


There are 2 sub categories, part of Private or Public Business Projects below:

5.3.1 Private Business projects
5.3.2 Public Business projects


2.4 Member Benefactor Personal Projects


Member Benefactor Personal Projects: This is where you would fund your own personal projects like you wrote a book or you might have an invention of a new product or new service or idea. Talk to your wealth manager if they are handling your personal funds to set up funding. If you are using your personal funds then the wealth manager is not required.


3. Member Workers – Frame Work

Frame Work-Member Worker.jpg

Illustration #7

3.1 Member Workers – Frame Work Member Workers have become a part of WBG because they want a job that they can put their passion into or maybe just to learn or get some experience for a better job. Member workers will also choose what job they want to do and the location where they prefer, if available? If a member has a unique skill set they might even consider creating their own ideal job/position within WBG. It won’t matter whether or not the member workers have a project or not.

 There are two types of Member Workers: Those who have projects and those who don’t. Both have equal chance of promotion from worker to manager or to CEO based on skills and qualifications. Member workers with or without a project can both create their job that is best for them if available.

There are 2 sub categories, part of Member Workers below. (See Illustration #7 above)

      5.3.1 Member Workers with a Project
      5.3.2  Member Workers-no Project


4. Mixed – Frame Work

Illustration #8

4.1 Mixed is where there the project is so big that it will take multiple benefactors to fund the project.

The project sources can come from many areas like Federal, State/Province, City and Private Business.

Your wealth manager will setup funding through your business with your approval.

There are 2 sub categories, part of Mixed below. (See Illustration #8 above)

      4.1  Mixed Funding
      4.2  WBG Infrastructure Funding Pool



Phase 3

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