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WBG Phase 1 was about creating and introducing a new concept that has never been done before! Phase 1 was also about growing our group of like-minded family tribe members! Coupled with our bi-weekly zoom meetings designed to help the group to get to know one another and get use to each other’s personalities. Now we have a strong core of heart centred humanitarians who are all in the right place as we move from 3D to 5D. There will be all sorts of growing pains for many reasons as we move into 5D.

We can all agree we have been living in a 3D drama reality game! We are all part of a new era now. We are about to witness the crash of the old 3D reality that comes with a system of separation, lack of money, fear and control etc. We are currently now moving into a new 5D reality where no money is required at all.  As far as we are aware planet earth is the only planet in our galaxy that uses money for a form of work/service exchange purpose?

It is o ur and WBG’s ultimate intent to work towards freeing planet earth of money completely in all forms whether it is a hard currency, bond, crypto, block chain or digital currency of some sort and moving to some sort of bartering or service exchange! Working 100% from the 5D heart with no money at all! Yes it may take 5 or 10 or even 20 years to rid ourselves of money (this root of all evil) but it will happen!

Some people who are service to self individuals currently in 3D mindset will take advantage of the fact that we don’t charge for anything.But that is their lesson to learn!

It is our personal mission in this life to remove money from this planet in all forms and WBG will be the vehicle to do this. It is WBG’s and our intent to help transition the way people think about money! Currently the way people (service to self individuals) use money is from 3D head EGO perspective. We want to teach through example. To help people transition from 3D to 5D heart based thinking where money will no longer be required for anything! We will learn to be the GOD and GODDESSES we were truly meant to be! We will all learn to create from a place of power from our hearts. Not giving money a chance to steal our power again as humans. We will all learn collectively to support each other’s individual desires and then transmute them into a current desired reality!

This is why Ascended Masters created trusts such as the St. Germaine one many we are familiar with today.  The idea of hydrating our planet with so much money so we will find that money ($) is not where it’s at? It is in our hearts (LOVE)! WBG is the vehicle that spirit has chosen to do that work! ALL WBG members will benefit regardless if they have money or not! In essence, we will be moving from a head-EGO, money, fear, controlled lack and separation based 3D system to a 5D creative heart, love, freedom, money-less, abundance, unity, & oneness for all systems!

We want to teach people about unity consciousness and working together as one without the need for money! Just like the old indigenous native ways. Our own North American native Indians were 60 million strong back in the day with no concept of money! There were even hundreds of tribes all with this same values! We all know what happened when the white man came and brought money. History speaks for itself.

It will be WBG’s plan to facilitate the intention with all benefactors to work with the members who don’t have any money but have a dream! Nothing would please us more than to fund someone who has no money but instead has a project that is dear to their heart! Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to fulfill their project dream to completion!

But at the same time, funding these projects we want to make it crystal clear that any project that is to be funded by WBG will be done is such a way as to not hurt, harm, or hinder anyone or anything on this planet. Everything we do will be done from the higher perspective of “DO NO HARM” and with the highest and good intention for all!


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