WBG Group Vision



WBG Group Vision is the compete documentation front to back on the inner processes on how WBG will function as a group.

Currently there only 4 phases available. Going forward over time other phases will become available below.

Go to WBG Phase 1   Group Vision - (Introduction)

Go to WBG Phase 2   Frame Work

Go to WBG Phase 3  Funding Process

Go to WBG Phase 4  Member Worker/ Projects-No Projects

Go to WBG Phase 5  Benefits, Perks & Rewards

WBG Phase 6 (coming soon)



WBG Hierarchy Expanded 

Above is an expanded flow chart of what WBG's Hierarchy Processes looks like. We will be expanding the above hierarchy process flow chart even more over time. Note: The above flow chart has a couple of errors which will be corrected shortly.



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