WBG Clip Art


Welcome to WBG Clip Art Download for you to use!

Below we have posted  clip art in the following formats for you to use in your Website, Business Cards, Business signage and  logo's for your humanitarian project Documents to show affiliation with WBG.

Example: Somewhere In your Humanitarian Word  Document you would write something similar to " It is my intention to work with World Benevolence Group post RV/GCR Nesara/ Gesara!" You could then put any of the logo's on the document showing your intention to work with WBG.

1. Jpg,  JPEG (picture format) possible pixelation if you stretch or shrink the picture too much

2. Adobe PDF (pdf) original clip art (vector no pixelation) Adobe Illustrator compatible

3. Adobe Illustrator (ai) original clip art (vector no pixelation)

If you require a different format we will try to convert it to what you want. Send inquiries to

If you have or want a Humanitarian Project  but not sure what to do?  Contact Luna for a free service to help you with your Business project documents.

         WBG Small                          WBG Small                       WBG Large Logo             WBG Large Logo             WBG Large Logo   
        Square logo                         Square logo                         Square logo                       Square logo                     Vector logo       
     JPG/ JPEG 75x71                JPG/ JPEG 257x246              JPG/ JPEG 514x496           Adobe PDF White              Adobe AI White

                       WBG Group Member                                  WBG Group Member    WBG Group Member
                            Rectangle Logo                                             Rectangle Logo                Vector Logo
                             JPG/ JPEG Pink                                              Adobe PDF Pink            Adobe AI White

                      WBG Group Member                                  WBG Group Member    WBG Group Member
                           Rectangle Logo                                                 Rectangle Logo        Vector Logo White
                           JPG/ JPEG White                                               Adobe PDF White             Adobe AI

           WBG Globe                       WBG Globe                           WBG Globe                        WBG Globe                     WBG Globe   
            World Logo                      World Logo                           World Logo                        World Logo                     Vector Logo
      JPG/ JPEG 75x74              JPG/ JPEG 150x148              JPG/ JPEG 291x289                   Adobe PDF                       Adobe AI

     WBG ThumbNail                WBG ThumbNail                   WBG ThumbNail              WBG ThumbNail            WBG ThumbNail
   Small Square Logo            Large Square Logo                Small BoarderLogo               Mix of Logos                   Mix of Logos
      JPG/ JPEG 71x67              JPG/ JPEG 182x163                 JPG/ JPEG 311x250                 Adobe PDF                       Adobe AI

     WBG ThumbNail               WBG ThumbNail                     WBG ThumbNail
           Heart Logo                        Heart Logo                         Vector Heart Logo
    JPG/ JPEG 224x188                  Adobe PDF                                 Adobe AI

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