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AS a member of WBG or if you plan on staying with WBG after the RV, make sure your Projects are represented on our Templates with WBG logos to take with you to your Redemption/ Exchange appointment. We will also be handing in your projects at our Redemption/ Exchange appointment so all  Projects match up in the QFS.

If you are interested in any of these projects below please contact Luna for the Templates:

World Benevolence Group's List of Projects

  Note: letters after a project i.e. A, B, C, denotes a variation of the original project.

  1. Addiction/Rehab Counselling
  2. Adoption Agencies
  3. Aid for Non-Asset Backed Worldwide Communities (Countries who did not revalue)
  4. Amphitheatre
  5. Angel Fund Project
  6. AngelRose Birthing Center
  7. Angel Rose Foundation (Global Mentoring & Exchange Art programs)
  8. AngelStar Healing Centers w/Helipads for our Medical Helicopters
  9. AngelStar Healing Retreats
  10. Animal & Equine Rescue
  11. Animal Healing Center
  12. Animal Healing Center - B (Main Building)
  13. Animal Gift Boutique
  14. Antique/Flea Market
  15. Apiary Beekeeping
  16. AA Michael's HOME I AM Communities
  17. Arctic Projects
  18. Arctic Communities (Yukon, N.W.T. & Nunavut)
  19. Artist Retreats
  20. Artist Teaching Retreats
  21. Benefactor's Projects
  22. Blissful Garden Weddings
  23. Books of the Ages, One At A Time
  24. Camping Parks
  25. Career/Transition Counselling
  26. Center for Resourcefulness
  27. Christian Center
  28. Church Renovations & Upgrades
  29. Coffee Shop & Drive-up
  30. Community Bakeries  
  31. Community Ice Skating Rink
  32. Community Parks & Fruit Tree Planting/Camping Facility (Boarding Schools/Summer Camps)
  33. Community Roller Blading Rink
  34. Community Renovation (Ukraine)
  35. Community Skate Parks
  36. Community Theatres
  37. Conference Zen Retreats (Camping/RV Facility and Pets encouraged)
  38. Cooking School/Centers
  39. Counselling Centers
  40. Creature Comforts Animal Sanctuary & Healing Center
  41. Dam Removal Worldwide
  42. Days Gone by Historical Museums
  43. Drilling for Primary Water
  44. Drive-In Theatre
  45. Eco Intentional Communities
  46. Eco Retreat Villas
  47. Eco Spiritual Villa/Resorts
  48. Eco Spiritual Villa Resorts - B
  49. Eco Villas
  50. Emergency Medical Helicopters
  51. Environmental Clean-up
  52. Family Counselling Centers
  53. Feeding Our Children, One Orphanage At A Time
  54. Find Me Kids
  55. Freedom Un-Schooling Project (A unique Mentorship program for children for the 5D Earth)
  56. Field of Dreams (An off-leash gated community park for our dogs)
  57. Fire Departments (North America) (Upgrading all fire trucks, suits, tools, incl. salary)
  58. Galactic Academy (A School for teaching humanity about our Galactic Family)
  59. Galactic Academy - B
  60. Gaming & Restaurant/Cafe (All profits go to WBG Company Float)
  61. General Stores/Markets
  62. Gifts of the World (Teas/Coffee/Healing Herbs) Profits go to WBG Company float    
  63. Global Community Outreach (Free Healthy Offerings - Take Out)
  64. Global Mentorship Program
  65. Good to Go (Free Healthy Offerings for Take-Out)
  66. Green Polymeric Composites Manufacturing
  67. Gyms for Health
  68. Heal the World Park Benches (Children Sayings/Affirmations)
  69. Healing Boutiques/Restaurants/Cafe's
  70. Healing Ashram (India)* (Benefactor)
  71. Healing Retreats - A (Children/Adult/ Families programs, Camping/RV)
  72. Healing Retreats - B (Adoption/Overnight stays) Pet Sanctuary
  73. Healing Retreat in Rural American Towns (Family/Cooking w/Pet Sanctuary)
  74. Healing Retreat in Rural American Towns (Hospice with Pet Sanctuary)
  75. Healing Retreat in Rural American Towns (Pet Sanctuary)
  76. Health Food Stores
  77. Hemp Clothing Designers
  78. Hemp Clothing Made Just 4U 
  79. Hemp Clothing Manufacturing
  80. Hemp Clothing Retail Stores (Profits go to our  WBG Company Float)
  81. Hemp Farming (WW Purchase of Lands for our building of homes, furniture, etc.)
  82. Hemp Logs Manufacturing
  83. Hemp Manufacturing (Building Supplies/Furniture/Clothing)
  84. Historical Scene Parks (New Tech/Holographic then Live Theatre/The Real Story of  Humanity's)
  85. Holistic Animal Care (Profits go to our WBG Company Float)
  86. Homes for Africa
  87. Horse Rescue
  88. Horse Therapy & Survival Skills Training Retreat
  89. IAfrika Tour (Mag Levitation Train w/stops @ 17 Indigenous Tribe Villages) (Associate)
  90. I AM Artworks  (Local Artist  housed in warehouse communities with like-minded individuals)
  91. Indulgent Centers Retreats
  92. Instruments of the World
  93. Instruments of the World* (w/Recording  Studios Projects)
  94. International Music & Dance Centers
  95. International Organic Restaurants
  96. Kenya School House (250 students) Associate Project
  97. Kenya Eco Housing Community   (Associate Project)
  98. Land Acquisitions (Growing Hemp)
  99. Land Fill Garbage
  100. Little Give & Take (Library & Pantry Boxes w/glass front door)
  101. Luna's Apothecary Shops (Profits go to WBG Company Float)
  102. Luna's Celestial Healing Boutiques (All profits go to the WBG Company Float)
  103. Luna's Forever Homes
  104. Luna's Sacred Healing Herb Farm (Profits go to WBG Company Float)
  105. Luna's Sacred Healing Herb Farm & School
  106. Luna's Yoga Studio Resorts
  107. Luna's Yoga Studio Resort Communities/Retreats
  108. Lunita's Blissful Weddings Gardens (All profits go to WBG Company Float)
  109. Merlin's Magic Academy (School for 13 yrs+ who will learn how to use their special gifts)
  110. Mexico Eco-Community
  111. Mobile Food Service (Food Trucks for our Homeless Community)
  112. Mobile Laundry/Showers/Grooming Services  for our Homeless Community
  113. Mobile Pet Grooming Services (Seniors Homeless Community)
  114. Museum for Hobbyists
  115. Museum for the Preservation of Indigenous Way of Life (Yukon/N.W.T./Nunuvut/Alaska)
  116. Museum of Contemporary Antiquities
  117. Myrical Musical Parks (To help raise the vibration of planet earth)
  118. Natural Healing Boutiques
  119. Nature's Camping Retreat
  120. Nature's Farm Retreat -Families to experience a farm and pet sanctuary  
  121. Nature's Learning Farm Retreat -Day program (Learning while working on a farm)
  122. Nature's Learning Family Rest/Relaxation Spa Retreat (Family Retreat)
  123. Nature's Learning Family Yoga Retreat
  124. Neighborhood Home Reno Projects
  125. Old Soldiers Home (For Veterans, Orting, Washington)
  126. Organic Farmers Market
  127. Organics for Everyone Everywhere
  128. Parks Canada
  129. Parks & Fruit Tree Planting
  130. Pet Sanctuary (Community Animal Shelters)
  131. Pet Sanctuary - B (All animals + a Petting Zoo) and MedBed
  132. Pet Sanctuary - C (Cattery only)
  133. Pet Sanctuary - D (Wild/Stray Cats & Dogs Feeding/Adoption Program)
  134. Pet Sanctuary - E (Wild/Stray Dogs & Horses Adoption Program)
  135. Petting Zoo
  136. Play Centers (Arcade/Cosmic Bowling/Bumper Cars, Go-Carts, etc.)
  137. Play Centers  - B (Pools & Rides)
  138. Product Development Project
  139. Rainforest Jungle Reforestation
  140. Rambling Rose Wedding Gardens (All profits go to WBG Company Float)
  141. Recording Studios Project (in conjunction w/INSTRUMENTS OF THE WORLD)
  142. Recreation Center (Columbia, S.A.) (Associate)
  143. Recreational Sports Complex
  144. Refugee Relocation Services
  145. Re-purposing of Abandoned Quarries  
  146. Rescuing Horses, Rescuing Children   
  147. Resorts & Travel
  148. Resource Centers
  149. Restoration of Old Hotels Worldwide
  150. Restoration of Parks
  151. Restoring Africa, One Small Town at a Time
  152. Restoring Caribbean Islands, One Farm At A Time
  153. Restoring Rural America, One Small Town At A Time
  154. Restoring Rural America, One Farm At A Time
  155. Restoring Rural America, One Reservation At A Time
  156. Restoring Rural Canada, One Community At A Time
  157. Restoring Rural Canada, One Farm At A Time
  158. Restoring Rural Canadian Communities, One At A Time
  159. Restoring World Communities
  160. Reviving World Communities
  161. Reviving World Communities, One Farm At A Time
  162. Reviving World Communities, One Home At A Time
  163. Road Dog Projects
  164. Rosetta Art Institute  (Gifted Children of all Ages & Global Exchange Program
  165. Rosetta's Earth Schools (Metaphysical/Intuitive/Sacred Plants/Herb/Alchemical  Studies)
  166. Rosetta Earth Institute for Children (Metaphysical/Intuitive (In association with Wing Cross Farms)
  167. Rosetta Family Care Homes (Pregnant Teen Homes) (1st one in Alberta)
  168. Rosetta Family Homes (For our Elders to have a place in case they are alone)
  169. Rosetta Foundation For Learning (Global Mentoring/Exchange Programs)
  170. Rosetta Healing Centers for Men (Counseling, addiction, trauma, grief, etc.)
  171. Rosetta Healing Centers for Women (Counseling, addiction, trauma, grief, etc.)
  172. Rosetta Healing Institute (Mental Health)
  173. Second Chance Programs (New Careers or Trades/Re-training /Counseling)
  174. Spice 'n Herbs Shoppe
  175. StarAngel Foundation  (Ecological/Reforestation/Preservation  Jungles/Rainforests for youth)
  176. Sweet Shoppe
  177. Television Studios/Social Media/News Broadcasts & Radio
  178. Theme Parks & Bird Sanctuary (New Zealand)
  179. Third World Environmental Cleanup (Provide clean drinking water & cleanup of sewage)
  180. Vertical/Hydroponic Farming
  181. Veteran's Agency
  182. Veteran's Healing Retreats
  183. Veteran's Retreat
  184. Vineyards/Orchard
  185. Vineyards/Orchard  & Teaching/Cooking Center
  186. Vineyards/Orchard Family Retreats & Teaching/Cooking Center
  187. WBG Worldwide Grassroots Talent Competitions
  188. Whole Foods Cafe's
  189. Whole Foods SuperMarkets
  190. Wildlife & Domestic Rehabilitation, Shelters & Sanctuaries (America)
  191. Wildlife Foundation (Ontario)
  192. Wildlife Foundation (Canada-wide)
  193. Wildlife Rescue Ranch (America)
  194. Wildlife Sanctuary - Bear Fund
  195. Wildlife Sanctuary - Elephants, Lions, Tigers
  196. Wing Cross Farms (Horse Farms - Exchange program ) w/Rosetta Earth Schools
  197. Worldwide Wildlife Sanctuary Fund
  198. WBG Wisdom Centers
  199. World Wide Removal of EMF & Hydro Lines
  200. Worldwide Resorts
  201. Yoga on the Go - A
  202. Yoga on the Go - B


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