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1. Currency & Bond Documentation

40 Page RV-GCR            Carden Group RV           Treasury Bills                 First Basket                 List of 237
Document Summary      terms, Rates &                 vs. Bonds                      Currencies               Bonds Types
Generic Mar7-2021            Definitions
Full RV process                    June 21st.

Tier Groups                     The difference             Currency & Bond
   Explained                         in rate types               Types/ Approx.
                                                                                        RV values 

2. Currency



New U.S.-Notes   New U.S. Dollar
Valuations                (Video Clip)

     Venezuelan             Venezuelan        Venezuela           Venezuela          Venezuelan        Venezuelan      Venezuelan     Venezuela
         Bolivar                      Bolivar                Bolivar       Bolivar Soberano  Bolivar Notes       Bolivar 2021    Bolivar 2018       Bolivar 
           Note                     Valuations         Soberano          Note   Types                                    Add 14 Zeros         5 Zeros         Web Link

   Venezuelan                 Venezuelan
  Bolivar 2017-20               Bolivar
(VEB) Add # Zero's

  Afghanistan                   Indonesian                    Iraqi Dinar                Vietnamese
       Afgani                            Rupiah                                                                Dong


3. Bonds

Assted Zim Bond   Zim 100T Bond   Zim Trillion         Zim Trillion         Zim Statutory     Zim Statutory    Zim Statutory   Zim Statutory
  AA-2008 Series       Front & Back       Series 1                 Series 2           Instrument 3      Instrument 4      Instrument 5    Instrument 6
                                  AA-2008 Series

   ZIM TIPS &          The Zim         Historical Assets
  REMINDERS     Trillion Series   & Currency Notes:
                                 History              List of Bonds


Hungarian Pengo            Hungarian            Hungarian Pengo
    Notes / Bond                    Pengo                    1945-1946


4) Quantum Financial System (QFS)

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        New Financial System QFS

       QFS An Overview     of the System Process v6

       QFS Structured Payout Definition    of Terms

Nesara/ Gesara

  Black Swan          Event Pic